Australian Premier Genetics provides semen collection services of clients bulls for both domestic and export end use. With contacts all around the world we can facilitate export of valuable genetics to most countries.

At APG we only use the very best technology in semen testing and processing. With the assistance of our SpermVision by MiniTube CASA system, MiniTube electronic semen freezer and experienced staff, we are able to produce consistently high quality semen to meet your requirements.

By utilising the SpermVision system exclusively, we are able to obtain consistent testing results of semen by removing the 'human error' of visual analysis. This means any person trained in the operation of the SpermVision can get almost identical results to fellow staff testing the same batch of semen.

Our MiniTube electronic semen freezer ensures an optimum temperature curve for freezing semen to give the maximum result possible on rethaw testing.

The purpose built AQIS approved facility at CDABC provides spacious housing for up to 20 donor bulls. Individual accommodation in well fenced paddocks with shelter available to each animal ensures clients animals are safe, content and relaxed in their surrounds. Animals have room the graze in the adequate paddocks, but are also fed daily ensuring they are in peak condition for semen collection.

Please dont hesitate to contact us for more information on how we can assist you with semen collection from your elite sire.

Semen Collection