Large Market

APG staff have experience in exporting to many countries all over the world.

With high quality animal housing and facilities, world class technologies and a team of skilled and experienced staff, APG offers one of the best export operations in the country.

 APG offers services in semen collection, embryo collection and transfer, as well as live export quarantining and dispatch.

 APG operates to international standards and runs its operations through the AQIS approved Chadwick Downs Artificial Breeding Centre which meets the standards set by the OIE. The Centre is audited by AQIS ever year to ensure continual compliance.

Protocols for export destinations are continually changing. For the very latest information on country access, contact APG for a quotation, timeline and applicable export requirements

About Australian Premier Genetics


Australian Premier Genetics is one of Australia's leading export companies.

Tailored Collections

APG will tailor each animals time in centre to meet the needs of the individual clients, and their requirements.